© 2014 Sheryl Hess

© 2014 Sheryl Hess

Photographer. Will travel.

I'm often questioning why I have a blog and a website. The conclusion I almost always reach, and I'll stress almost, is that I do this for myself and anything that comes from it is a bonus. Photography, in a life of ups and downs, like everyone else I know, has been the one constant. It's been here as long as I can remember. If I'm not out creating images something is missing.

Now it'd be foolish of me to say I don't care if my work gets looked at or not. I've said it in the past and it's always seemed a hollow comment. The fact is, I do like to have my work looked at and commented on. It doesn't happen often but when it does I'm silently thrilled.

Photography has opened doors that would otherwise have been closed. It's also closed doors straight away. But I've met a few people through photography that have become quite good friends.

And these days the topic of photography can be an opening in a dialogue between strangers. It's become an ubiquitous activity that many people seem to take part in daily.

Digital capabilities have let the creative out in a great many people. In this day and age, with so many people at odds with one another, I think that's a good thing. Perhaps creativity, just for the sake of creating something, will allow a different feeling than seems to permeate the world today. I don't know, maybe I'm giving it too much credit. I just know what it does for me. Enjoy the images and, if you see fit to do so, please leave a comment. I welcome the thoughts on my work but really look forward to the interaction.

Larry D. Hayden 
Irvine, CA 
July, 2011