Sneak Peak



This is Antonio, a 90 year old ball of fire from Frey Bentos, Uruguay. For the life of me I have no recollection of why he is pointing at me as I made this image. I will say he wasn't upset so you can rest your minds. I'm sure one of my traveling companions will have something smart to say.

This is a sneak peak of the project I'm working on from my travels in Uruguay. I shot 49 rolls of film and it was broken down into 37 rolls of 35mm Tri-X and 12 rolls of 120 Tri-X. I've gotten all of it processed after several days of marathon development sessions. And I've gotten about 32 images scanned and prepped for prints to make an edit of the work

The trip was a resounding success now that I've seen the images. There are some I'm proud of and there is a small body of work which for me is a novelty. I rarely get to spend this much time photographing in one place without the hassles of work as I travel. The next round of images will be in a gallery after the final edit and the project is completed.

Larry D. Hayden