Street Photography

Added on by Larry D. Hayden.


I'm not much of street shooter. But this is an image from Cambridge not too long ago when I just got into the street shooting scene. I waited on this corner for things to pass focused on the street performer across the way.

I had been exploring the hectic nature of travel and the lack of glamour that was associated with it. Instead of literally depicting the scene I went for motion with slow shutter speeds. It seems my business trips are nonstop motion and I wanted to show this in my images. This one came together nicely with the separation of the woman walking past me and the performer over on the right side of the scene.

I've shown this to a handful of people and so far it's gotten surprisingly, at least to me, positive comments. I'm showing more work to people I trust will give me good, honest feedback without worrying if they will hurt my feelings. As I explore, and experiment, more it's crucial I get this feedback. So, with some trepidation I show the image here.